Inspirational Poetry

What is inspirational poetry? It can mean different things to different people but to me it's poetry that explores life's deeper dimensions, acknowledges that we embody a creative spirit, encourages us to be express it, spurs us to expand, assures us we are pure, perfect and whole every bit as much as we are messy, imperfect and fragmented.

My poems come out of my life as an Irish woman and refer back to the tradition of Irish and women's poetry, sometimes in subtle ways. If you like  Maya Angelou or Mary Oliver, Rumi or David Whyte, you may like my work. My poetry masters are WB Yeats and Eavan Boland.

How to Read my Poetry

You have lots of options as I write and publish single poems, chapbooks and poetry collections.

  • You can read links to my latest poems on my Instagram feed. If you're on Insta, and a poetry or poetry lover, follow me @ornaross.poetry and tag my hashtag for poets: #indiepoetryplease.
  • I offer monthly poems, books and chapbooks to my patrons
  • You can buy any of my poetry books below.