POETRY: Night Light As It Rises – Gift Book 2 for Bereavement and Other Hard Times

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Reconnect with the wonder of the world through the powerful pleasure of inspirational poetry.

The end of one year and the start of the next is a wonderful time for reading poetry, especially inspirational poetry.

These are poems that encourage us to rejoice in the human capacity for rebirth.

Immersing ourselves in meaningful words, we can reconnect with our own creative life-force. Feeling the light within, we can begin again.

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An illustrated book of inspirational poems about grief, consolation, and carrying on.

“Since my mum died I make sure to take time for honouring her and this spoke to that feeling… in those moments [of reading], it’s like she’s still here..” COZY CHAPTERS

Night Light As It Rises is the second book in the Twelve Poems to Inspire series, a range of gift books for festivals like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, and life occasions. These are poems that embrace the pain of grief and mourning, not so much about grief as fashioned of it, and reaching out from it to others experiencing the same emotions.

In hard times, poetry helps. It offers an opportunity to reflect on sorrow, find gain in loss, fashion meaning, or experience grace in contemplation. In a group setting, a poetry reading allows everyone present to share a profound moment together and strengthens the bonds between those who mourn.

These twelve beautifully illustrated poems inspire consolation for those who are grieving, whether their sorrow is for loved ones left or leaving, for endangered people or our imperiled planet, for personal failures and regrets. Each of the poems explores a different way to hold sorrow and offers a corresponding condolence.

The poems do not shy away from suffering but whether considering a dark night of the soul, the hour before dawn or the struggle to keep going, this poet is always reminding us of the transformative power of love and time.

The book is divided into three sections: Accept, Alight and Allow. Chosen and arranged by Orna Ross, each poem is appropriately illustrated with a picture from a contemporary photographer or artist.

A beautiful gift of sympathy for a loved one in a time of need and for use by therapists, priests, ministers, rabbis, health professionals and palliative care workers who tend to those experiencing loss.

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1 review for POETRY: Night Light As It Rises – Gift Book 2 for Bereavement and Other Hard Times

  1. A*k²

    A beautiful book

    Reading this book and experiencing the journey felt like a warm hug on a lovely winter’s evening. Isn’t that what’s most needed during challenging times?

    I loved the picturesque metaphors that convey the depth and richness of the thoughts expressed as feelings. Of a few favorites, I connected with one that talks about how certain experiences we can share only with certain people. Because it’s ‘our’ thing, and once they move on, we remember the incident but cannot share that experience with another because the person before us is not the same.

    Another of my favorites is ‘Brightness of brightness,’ which talks about decisions we make in the moment that we think will protect us, only to realize later they denied us the light that found us.

    It’s a beautiful book. Go ahead and read it.

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