Allowing Now: Mindfulness Poetry

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If you’re a fan of Maya Angelou, John O’Donoghue, Mary Oliver, or the ancient wisdoms of Rumi or Kabir, you’ll find poems to inspire in Allowing Now.

This book of mindfulness poetry is alive to the teachings offered by the smallest life moment. It calls us into the loving majesty of the present moment and celebrates its power to tell us what we most need to know, and give us what we most need to receive.

Here you’ll find poems about birth and rebirth, passion and perfection, and magical, lyrical, mystical power of poetry itself. Lyrical and dramatic, considered and sometimes playful, some are formally arranged, but most are free verse. All aim to remind us to live openly and freely, as conscious witnesses to creative flow.

In a short introduction, the poet says she see her work as loving, in words, all the incarnations of the world. So these poems do not shy from life’s challenges but explore, with often startling clarity, the mysteries of daily experience. With humour and kindness they suggest how we can reach out to others from that place of presence.

And thus enable the everyday to become a treasury of creative connections.

… for goodness knows,
we are all as welcome
as we ever were, here,
in the holy hold of now.