Circle of Life

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An illustrated gift-book of poems about motherhood and caregiving.

“Orna Ross harnesses language to recreate life's moments by creating a canvas where every word scintillates with depth and meaning.” AMAZON REVIEWER

Circle of Life is the fourth book in the 12 Poems to Inspire series, a range of gift-books for festivals like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, as well as milestones we all experience, including loss and new beginnings. Circle of Life celebrates Mother’s Day—and caregiving all year round.

These twelve poems celebrate the incredible privilege and emotional rollercoaster of caring for others, while encouraging us to rejoice in our gifts we receive from protecting those in our care.

In accessible, sometimes conversational, language the poet draws from her own experience of motherhood, marriage and friendship, and the wisdom of philosophies that explain how we have all been mothered into being. And how we continue to be nurtured by Mother Earth and the creative spirit that animates all.

The poems in this collection are written to be reread often. Reflecting on their wisdom, the reader finds comfort in the tender but powerful nature of inspirational poetry, which itself offers the nurturing care that these poems celebrate.

Split into three sections: Beginnings, Leavings, and Returnings, each poem is spectacularly illustrated by pictures the poet co-created with the AI artist app, Dream.

All of this adds depth and resonance to this short book, making it a gift full of value and meaning, for oneself or another.

A thoughtful gift for mothers on Mother’s Day—or anytime for any caregiver.

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