Before The Fall (The Irish Trilogy II)

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“A highly ambitious, engaging, and evocative novel and a hauntingly captivating read.” -The Sunday Independent

What happens when a woman is haunted by the sins of her foremothers–and the men who betrayed them?

Facing the birth of her child, and single motherhood, Jo Devereux has spent the last six months in Mucknamore, the Irish village she fled twenty years ago.

A trunk of letters and diaries left by her grandmother and great- aunt has revealed a heartbreaking legacy of bitter secrets that have haunted the women of her family for four generations.

Now she must find out the ultimate truth: What other secrets and lies lie under her mother's and grandmother's unshakeable silence? How does it connect with her failed life as a gender-bending agony aunt in San Franciso? And what of Rory… her lost love, son of her family's sworn enemies?

Will Jo's mission to uncover the past unlock a possible future together? Or are they about to lose everything all over again?

As she pieces together the poisonous fragments of the past, Jo must now face into the guilt and shame that were her legacy and see how she might best redeem them in her own life.

A haunting, heartbreaking saga of love, loss, and secrets in two countries and two families ravaged by two kinds of intimate war. This is the second book in Orna Ross’s Irish Trilogy, preceded by After the Rising and followed by In The Hour.


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