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Meet Orna

Orna Ross is an Irish historical novelist, poet, and founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).

In what she describes as the best move of her writing life, Orna took her novel rights back from her third-party publisher (Penguin) in 2011, to publish her own books her own way. Which means you can buy her fiction and poetry (in ebook, audiobook and print format) right here on her website.

Self-publishing has led her on some great adventures, including publishing poetry books, offering her readers crowdfunders and patron programs, forming ALLi to empower other independent authors, and more.

Her short official bio is here and more about her life and writing inspirations here.



Goethe Book Award: Grand Prize

Awarded to: After the Rising

Literary Titan Award: Gold

Awarded to: Allowing Now

Book Excellence Award

Awarded to: Blue Mercy