Mindfulness Poetry For Creatives

Allowing Now, my new book of mindfulness poetry is out. I have a special interest in mindfulness poetry for creatives and if you'd like to dissolve creative block and foster creative flow, I’d love you to buy it.

Yes, that helps me. The book is climbing the Amazon charts and every purchase helps it along. But it's my hope, and belief, that it should also help you. My creative, creativist and author friends were very much in my mind as I wrote and published this collection of poems.

Mindfulness Poetry for Creatives: Cultivating Creative Presence

It's no coincidence that poetry is enjoying a revival in these digital, distractible days. Poetry slows us down, focuses our attention, engages a bigger perspective in which we see more, perceive more, know more.

Reading (and writing) the right kind of poetry moves us into creative presence and opens a channel for creative flow.

This happens whenever external senses, the doings and distractions of life, give way to the inner senses of imagination, ingenuity, insight, instinct, intuition and illumination.

Sometimes, these deep inner responses rise, unbidden. When we are looking at a beautiful sunrise or sunset, after making love; when caring for a baby, or a very old person close to death. When enjoying artwork that works for us, or at the end of a great story. When we're with people who are themselves deeply mindful and present. When practicing meditation, or mindful breathing, or the right kind of yoga.

Another way there is by reading (and indeed writing) inspirational poetry.

Mindfulness Poetry for Creatives: Making Space

The best poems about mindfulness don’t describe the state, they take us there.

As I wrote these poems and published this book, I hoped that reading them would, as one of the early reviews put it, both evoke imagery of and provide space for “those everyday mundane glimpses of profound beauty that are typically overlooked, overrun, and driven past”.

That was my experience as I wrote. And my hope for you as you read.

If you’d like to purchase a copy during this launch period, you can find the book on Amazon here. Or you can buy it directly from me right here on this website.

Orna Ross


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