This Month’s Exclusive Poem for Patrons: Passing On

I am putting together a collection called Dark Night: Poems for Hard Times and this month's exclusive Patreon poem for patrons: Passing On, comes from there.

It's a bereavement poem called “Passing On”.

It's exclusively available to patrons from today for the next three months, after which it will go on general release.

Meanwhile, my new book of mindfulness poems, Allowing Now, is out and available this weekend on Amazon and other online retailers for only $2.99 in kindle.

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Exclusive Poem for Patrons: Passing On

Here's how it begins:

Dear one whom I have loved, it’s here: my time 

is flown, my breath and flesh have come undone, 

and left behind these words to thank you, from 

beyond, for all you’ve done and to remind you….


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