A New Poem: Tree Alert

The trees in London are spectacular at the moment. This particular beauty, its dazzling shade of yellow, gave me a new poem: Tree Alert. 

I wrote it too late to include in my book of mindfulness poems, published yesterday, but it would have fitted nicely in there. If you enjoy it, and would like more, you can buy
new poem: tree alertmy new poetry book, Allowing Now: A Book of Mindfulness Poems, here.

Tree Alert

There are moments in autumn
when no matter how hurried
or worried our days
we are captured
by the colour of trees.

Maybe one dressed
in singular dazzling yellow,
ten thousand suns
shining through 
the shape of a leaf.

Or another a conglomeration
of colour–greens to golds,
honeys to rusts—
displaying themselves
in a kaleidoscopic dance 
with the breeze.

The call of those leaves
as they approach their leaving
is a kind of shock.
It shakes us awake.

Heart blown open,
all else fades

for a moment we know
what it is to be alive,
and more: what lies beyond
life’s shades.

New Poem: Tree AlertDon’t forget tomorrow evening I’ll be live with Dalma on Facebook for the Self-Publishing Poetry Salon, talking about marketing poetry books.

And that discussion will go out on the ALLi podcast on Wednesday next. You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Orna Ross


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