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In his book,  A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, author Daniel Pink describes the change we now experiencing in work and education, as we shift from information-shuffling to creativity.

“We progressed from a society of farmers to a society of factory workers to a society of knowledge workers,” Pink writes. “And now we’re progressing yet again – to a society of creators and empathizers, of pattern recognizers and meaning makers.”

In this new economy, manual labor and knowledge work become so mechanized that they don’t require much human input. And, suddenly and unexpectedly, the most profitable products and services are not high tech but

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Finding Creative Space Between your Thoughts

The best skill you can teach yourself as a creative is how to find the space between your thoughts, at will.

Your thinking mind is best understood as an instrument, a tool. Yours to be used for a specific task and when the task is completed, laid down. We do that by entering the space of ‘no thought' as often as possible.

We haven't been taught how to do this. So for most of us, most of our thinking is either

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What Writers Do

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Writers! There's what your mother, your publisher, your friends and society at large think you do.

There's what YOU think you do.

And then there's what you really do (see below).

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Are You a Wifi Hog

Every so often a creative freelancer just has to get out of the house. Usually to get in some caffeine.

We've become a modern day menace, apparently. Spreading our laptops and smartphones across tables and sofa, turning our local Starbucks or Costa into an office.

Marketing professors Merlyn Griffiths, from the University of North Carolina, and Mary Gilly, from the University of California, claim in a new study, Dibs! Customer Territorial Behaviours, that we cause rows with other customers and

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The Key to Creativity


I'm a bit sceptical about brain training and #creativity. Brain training works best in getting you used to jumping through particular mental hoops and improving your ability to do a specific brain task. exercise improves creative thinking

But creative thinking is different.

The brainwaves that distinguish creative leaps, great ideas and inspired thinking have been shown by neuroscience to be

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Final Launch Roundup

Closing a week of posts about the launch of the Alliance of Independent Authors at London Book Fair, this (long) post offers:

LAUNCH of self-publishing independent authors alliance

  1. A fascinating and lively podcast discussion I took part in on The Naked Book, about self-publishing's place in the industry.
  2. Some favourite quotes from the launch of ALLIA.
  3. Links to some great follow-up posts by bloggers who were there
  4. Best tips for those thinking about self-publishing from four superb indie authors.

[That's me in the photo on the right, getting a tad

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Launching Free

[#ALLIA  #writing] Maybe it's because I'm Irish but every book I've ever written has had a lot to say about freedom — even my very first publication, a nonfiction book with a small feminist press in Dublin (Attic, now part of Cork University Press), called BodyMatters For Women.

That was a health and exercise book – the day job then was fitness instructor – but the most important chapters, for me, were those dealing with ways to break free of our society's messed-up messages about women's bodies.

From there to the book I'm working on now – a novel about

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My Oxford All Nighter


I'm excited to be speaking about the Alliance next Friday at NOT The Oxford Literary Festival (NTOLF).

This event was started two years ago by writer/performers who were frustrated by the high admission prices at the … yes…Oxford Literary Festival.

Frustrated too by the lack of representation at the festival of Oxford's brilliant underground and spoken-word scene.

As self-publishing's potential to bring underground and grassroots voices to their readers is one of my

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My Chicken-Skinned Arm

The BIA Willow, honouring all 572 registered Native American tribes

One of the many interesting people I've met at The Red Vic, the B&B I'm staying in here in San Francisco, is Laurie Marshall, writer, educator, peace activist and artist.  Laurie is instigator of The Singing Tree Art Project, aiming to unite divided young people through having them work on a shared mural, based around the concept of planet earth as the ‘singing tree' of the cosmos.

Her most

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The Alliance of Independent Authors

I'm rather excited to tell you that the indie author's website I've been talking about for so long is finally ready to take members. Yes, the only global nonprofit association for the self-publishing writer has arrived.  

We're so thrilled at the bright and brilliant advisors that have come on board,  the brightest and most brilliant names in indie writer-publishing. Handpicked for their knowledge and expertise, they will provide our members with superb support and guidance.

There are a few more

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