Eight Poems

The Writer's Call:
“…I work for you kind reader, dear,/who walks my words across the page,/who seeks clear ground in paths I’ve made…”

“…Kings will do/what kings do. Soldiers too./And if you don't want to know, I won’t keep you…”

A Reply & An Answer:
“…Soon, birds won’t be able to sing./Listen. Hear me. Our time is for turning…

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Breaking Out Of The Box

When you need to be creative or innovative, try this simple break-the-box, mind-body bridging exercise from Dr Stanley H Block.  

Part 1: The Box.

1. Name the specific situation that makes you feel boxed in.

2. Take a piece of paper, write the situation in the middle of the page, and draw an oval around it.

3. Take 1-2 minutes to jot down around the oval whatever pops into your mind about that situation and your attempts to

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Sunday Poem: Spinning Still

In the amber of a late October,creative intelligence leaf
altered by illness
and a mauling from friends, we have
come again to London, and come
one to the other,
in truth,
it seems, for the first time
in twenty-something years.

These are our days.

Above, white lines from Heathrow
streak the sky, an airplane flashing

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Her name? Her name is Generose, here is how her story flows: Alice Walker's Creative Intelligence

through the latest news of war
our ruler coming out to say
‘Bombs Again!' Though his minions'
mincing words, force-feeding what
‘we' need to do, and why, (with regret)
some evil people (and some others)
must die;

through the soldiers jumping to,
while I, and my kind, are left gasping
behind, holding a small stand somewhere
like this, appealing to someone
like you.

Can you come with me
to a place far from here, where
four or five m– No. Let
me begin again. Let me start
with myself, with yesterday when I

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Answering Back

One major inspiration of art and writing is… art and writing. I'm reading a brilliant anthology, creative intelligence sunny windowedited by Carol Ann Duffy, called Answering Back, with a simple, delightful concept: a living poet chooses a poem from the past that has touched them and writes a new poem in response.

It's a beautiful collection of calls and replies, echos and illuminations across centuries — and gives a vivid sense of how, through writing, language and human connection transcend time and place.

Here's a poem about art by WH Auden, chosen by Billy Collins and,

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Spinning Still: A Poem

So now we meet each evening to meld/the passing and the coming life/suspended/in fading light
that knows/ just what it holds…

Life's Work


The great Artist is at work.
Around his house, his children move
in whispers, while his wife
lays down a dinner tray,
tells that it’s there
with two soft raps – no more – tapped on his study door.

The great Artist begs his work

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