Finding Creative Space Between your Thoughts

The best skill you can teach yourself as a creative is how to find the space between your thoughts, at will.

Your thinking mind is best understood as an instrument, a tool. Yours to be used for a specific task and when the task is completed, laid down. We do that by entering the space of ‘no thought' as often as possible.

We haven't been taught how to do this. So for most of us, most of our thinking is either repetitive and useless, dysfunctional and anxious, or judgmental and negative.

Step Away From Thought
Step back from your thoughts and observe them and you’ll see this is true of you too. I can say that because it’s not personal. It’s universal, a combination of biological brain evolution and social conditioning.

Unfortunately, all this compulsive thinking represents a serious leakage of creative energy.

Try this Exercise to enter the Space of No Thought:

  • With eyelids closed, bring your eyes to look into the left corner of the left eye and see your first name, your given name, imprinted there. Sound the sound of your name slowly in your mind, three times.
  • Keeping eyelids closed bring your eyes towards the right corner of the right eye, and see your surname, your family name, imprinted there. Sound the sound of your surname slowly in your mind, three times.
  • Bring your eyes centre, to the place known as the ‘third eye’, and enter the space between the words. Breathe into that space for three long breaths.
  • Repeat the cycle three times.

    Regular access to that creative space between the words, between the thoughts, will increase your creative intelligence a hundredfold.


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