Blogging Dancing in the Wind, Book Two in the Yeats-Gonne Trilogy

Blogging Dancing in the Wind
Her Secret Rose. Click to buy.

I have done some shuffling on the fiction front and I'll be blogging Dancing in the Wind, Book Two in the Yeats-Gonne Trilogy here with weekly extracts in the Friday Fiction slot.

I’ve already written this story as a film script, now as a novel.

Actually two more novels.

This trilogy is made up of three standalone novels, that together tell the story of the strange love triangle between the poet WB Yeats, his long-time muse Maud Gonne and her daughter, Iseult.

The Gonnes–as well as his family and other firends–knew Yeats not as WB, but as Willie. And not only as a great poet–both appreciated his genius–but also as a flawed, confused and narcissistic man.

  1. Book One, Her Secret Rose, centers on Willie and Maud and the love that underwrote his life and work.
  2. Book Two, Dancing in the Wind, centers on Willie and Iseult.explores what happened twenty years later, when Maud was middle-aged and the poet has decided he wishes to marry.
  3. Book Three, But A Dream, completes the tale with its exploration of the strongest and longest-lasting love of the three, the relationship between the mother and daughter, Maud and Iseult.

Taken together these books (each of which can be read alone) cover the years from 1889 to 1923, turbulent times in Ireland, London and France.

The characters’ lives are deeply impacted by the great war going on around them, and the Irish rebellion.

Dancing in the Wind opens with the execution of John MacBride, Maud’s husband, for his part in Ireland's 1916 independence rebellion. You can read that next Friday.

In the meantime, you can purchase Book One, Her Secret Rose, here.


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