Light of Love Q&A

What’s your book about?

The Light of Love is an illustrated book of inspirational poems about love in all its forms from young love to long-term relationships to LGBTQ+ to self-love and the kinds of love that represent anyone who cares.


What’s your writing background?

In the past, I’ve worked as a lecturer and literary agent but always written. Over two decades, I’ve won awards for both fiction and poetry. Plus, I founded the Alliance of Independent Authors in 2012, work for which I was called “one of the top 100 most influential people in publishing” by The Bookseller.


Why should someone want to read your book in particular?

Unlike many romance books, The Light of Love comes from a place of experience and reflection. It factors in all aspects of love including the different stages of romance, from the honeymoon period to the enduring devotion of a long relationship, to unorthodox relationships, to self-love, to the kind of platonic love that connects carers to the people from whom they care. It is not simply a Valentine’s Day gift—it’s a celebration of love that can be used to comfort, soothe and inspire anyone you love at any time of the year.


Who will like your book?

The Light of Love will entice anyone who likes literary fiction or sweet romance. Comparable poets include Maya Angelou, John O’Donoghue and Mary Oliver.


Where can a person find a copy of your book?

This collection is available in five formats—e-book, paperback, hardback, large print, and audiobook—and is distributed to every major retailer. The best place to get it, however, is on my website at


What do you have to say about your book/writing experience?

My writing inspirations are Irish history, the lives of women and other outcasts, and the mysterious movements of the creative spirit itself. I leap on vision but rely on revision. I agonise over word choices and punctuation. I believe in the magic of two human imaginations meeting across space and time in a book.

I know I'm not just a better writer but a better human being for being a reader. For me literature is a gift, a calling, and our best gateway to a better world.


Where can a reader find more information about you, the author?

The best place to find information about me is at my website That’s the first place I publish all my books and news. Sign up to my poetry mailing list at and you’ll always be the first to know about upcoming news and releases. What’s more, you’ll also get some free books as a welcome gift.



“A highly ambitious, engaging and evocative novel.”—Sunday Independent
“Epic sweep…ambitious scope… an intelligent book.”—Sunday Tribune
“Brilliant use of original sources, including local historians.”—Evening Herald


Does your book take place in a specific region that would make people take an interest?

The Light of Love doesn’t have a specific setting per se, but it does explore a lot of topics that other love poetry collections fail to reach. For example, rather than stick to young, traditional romantic love, the book delves into less charted corners of the emotional map, including all aspects of love, from young love to long-term relationships to LGBTQ+ to self-love and the kinds of love that represent anyone who cares.


Do you cover a topic/subject matter that a lot of people can easily relate to?

Love is arguably one of the most relatable subjects on the plant. As social animals, it is the reason for our happiness and the main driver that helps us survive. All-inclusive, this book attempts to represent all kinds of lovers, from platonic carers to honeymooners to those in long-term relationships. If someone enjoys romance or needs to reflect on the troublesome aspects of relationships in their lives then The Light of Love is the place to begin.


Does your book shed light on a different perspective of a common issue?

Yes. In fact, The Light of Love caters to the underrepresented legions of lovers, going beyond the stereotypical love between a young man and woman. As a poet, I recognise that love has much more nuance, including the love of a multi-decade marriage that takes work to maintain, the trials of LGBTQ+ love, and the kind of platonic loves that connects families, friends and carers. As such, I’ve tried to represent it all within this gift book, in the hope that it will make someone whose love is often overlooked feel represented.


Do you have specific experience/expertise on a topic discussed in your book?

Like many of my readers, I live a rich life peppered with all varieties of love, both communal and personal. As a naturally caring soul, I work to nurture the author community as the founder and director of the Alliance of Independent Authors. However, I’m also a mother, wife and daughter. I feel like a lot of the aspects of love I see in my own life are largely overlooked in popular love poetry compilations. Hence, I decided to fill in those gaps myself.


Is there a certain aspect of your author experience that makes the book interesting?

I’ve always been a keen people-watcher and bookworm with a penchant for literary fiction. As a result, I believe my work is littered with original perspectives and unorthodox turns of phrase—or “little puffs of magic” as one of my reviews phrased it.


Do you, the author, have a unique background different from most authors?

One unique aspect of my background is that I’m a publishing industry insider. As founder and director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, I’ve spent a decade championing the rights of authors in the publishing space, so much so that The Bookseller named me “one of the top 100 most influential people in publishing.” However, specifically to my fiction and poetry, I’m well-travelled and have lived what I believe to be a rich life, which shines through in my work.