Indie Poetry Please: Submission Guidelines

As part of my mission to support indie authors and poets, I repost two poems a week by other poets on my Instagram account, now followed by more than twenty thousand poetry lovers. The aim of this Indie Poetry Please feature is to introduce these poetry readers to some inspiring work by indie poets.

Indie Poetry Please: Reposts

Apply for a repost through open submission on Instagram. Follow @ornaross.poetry and tag  #indiepoetryplease when you post a poem on Instagram on your own account.

Patrons have priority (see below)

Indie Poetry Please: Poem of the Month

In addition to publication on my Instagram OrnaRoss.poetry account, one winning poem is selected to also feature:

Indie Poetry Please: Patrons Priority

My patrons have priority for this feature. Click through to my Patreon page and then click on “Show Tier Description” to get details of the benefits (this feature is just one benefit) and to submit your poems directly to me in Patreon. Opt out any time.

Indie Poetry Please: Submission Guidelines

Various considerations go into the selection process, including getting a spread of genres, themed broadcasts, what has previously shortlisted, Patreon patronage, and many other factors.

  • Patrons receive a callout each month by email to submit.
  • Submit as often as you like, while membership lasts, through Instagram.
  • Posting a variety of poems increases your chances of success.
  • Opt out any time.

If you have any difficulty, write to with the subject line: Indie Poetry Please.

We very much look forward to reading your work.