Who To Follow On Twitter: WB Yeats, Maud Gonne and Iseult Gonne

Willie, Maud and Iseult, three of the most imaginative people who ever lived, never imagined the Internet or Twitter.

If they were alive today, I imagine Maud would leap on Twitter for PR purposes, Iseult would shun it, and Willie would dismiss it for a time, with a lofty air of Parnassus, for the low-brow level of the conversation and the low-bred emotion of the crowd… but then be drawn in by finding his own way to use it.

I like to tweet regularly about Yeats and the Gonnes, as I find interesting new information about their life and work. You can follow those tweets here.

And here's a Storify list of people to follow if you're interested in learning more:

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Best Twitter Hashtags For Writers

There are 175 million registered users on Twitter producing about 95 million tweets every day.

One of the key ways Tweeters keep our communications useful is by using hashtags and very vibrant literary communities have grown up around specific hashtags.

So what are they — and how can you best use them?

Here's what Twitter has to say about

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10 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Writer.

Here are ten things writers need to do that are fostered by the constraints of Twitter and other micro-blogging apps: creative intelligence white flower

  1. Evaluate yourself as a writer. Who are you? What topics interest you? What do you want to express – in this tweet and over time?  If you haven't asked yourself such questions starting out, you'll come to them before long.
  2. Make style reflect content. What writing style comes naturally to you — informational, snarky, amusing, inspirational? What style best suits your

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