How NOT to Pitch.

See how many things you can spot that are wrong with this screenplay query letter from Prepare Yourself For The Pitch.

creative intelligence pitch (bull)And if you think it's an exaggeration, I'm sorry to say I received many a one even worse than this in my days as a literary agent:

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to tell you about my screenplay which I have written or rather written half of and I am trying to find a producer or

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Create For You But Pitch To Them

“I remember pitching to adapt the sci-fi book Spares for Dreamworks a few years ago.

creative intelligence pods

I started off gushing as usual about how much I loved the material. Within seconds, I pointed out that this could even be a second Blade Runner.

“There was a long pause and then a very polite response: ‘We were thinking of it more along the lines of Terminator 2.'

“The pitch ended very

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