Four Superb Self Publishing Authors

on ‘How I Went Indie… and Why'

I was an award-winning, mid-list author of contemporary women’s fiction when three years ago I was dropped by my publisher. (“Disappointing sales” was the reason given.) After two years my agent still hadn’t found a publisher for my fourth and fifth novels. Editors liked the books, but said they’d be hard to market as they belonged to no clear genre.

While looking for a new publisher, I kept myself in the public eye by chatting on book forums, writing guest blogs and setting up an author page on Facebook. I was preparing for a miracle. Then it came. The e-book revolution.

I indy-published my fourth novel, HOUSE OF SILENCE on Kindle. I hoped to sell 10 copies a month, maybe 10 a week if the book really took off, but I sold 10,000 downloads in less than four months. I’ve since

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My Oxford All Nighter


I'm excited to be speaking about the Alliance next Friday at NOT The Oxford Literary Festival (NTOLF).

This event was started two years ago by writer/performers who were frustrated by the high admission prices at the … yes…Oxford Literary Festival.

Frustrated too by the lack of representation at the festival of Oxford's brilliant underground and spoken-word scene.

As self-publishing's potential to bring underground and grassroots voices to their readers is one of my

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