Sunday Inspirational Poetry: Spinning Still

It's Valentine's week, so how about a love poem?

I wrote a version of this poem ten years ago, so it's an anniversary poem too, revived and revised as the days grow ever more golden.

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Inspirational poem: Spinning Still (Audio)

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Inspirational poem: Spinning Still (Text)

In the amber of a late October,
altered by illness
and a mauling from friends, we
have come again to London, and come
one to the other, in truth
it seems, for the first time
in twenty-something years.
These are our days. Above,
white lines from Heathrow
streak the sky, planes higher
than a tawny sun flash
underwings turned gold. Ahead
is Christmas but for now
the bang of fireworks and
the tread of traffic, dancing 
to the drum of what must be done.
Not us, not now. In here,
with clothes removed, skin
cells open, one to the other,
once a day, we practice spinning love,
while the season holds us,
bathes us in the warmth
of something more.
It was you who led, male desire,
erect, unyielding, cut to our truth.
And I who thought of practice,
that way of being where we are.
So now we meet each evening
on a cushioned floor, our passing
and our coming life suspended,
in hours that know just what they hold.
Each time, it seems, anew,
each stroke the first again.
In this, our stilly autumn.
in these, our gold-spun days.

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Orna Ross


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