Sunday Inspirational Poetry: Writer At Work

Sunday is poetry day on the blog, and also on my Patreon Page. So welcome to this week's inspirational poetry: Writer At Work, one specially for the writers among you.

I wrote this poem some years ago but revised it slightly for Keepers, my latest collection. I hope you enjoy it.

I sit,
and hold
a space,
and wait,
and wait
some true
words rise,
wake up
to take
their place
upon the page.

I curtsey
to them
spin them
then up,
then down
to see
some new
thoughts turn.

Then comes the time
to let them lie,
put them aside.

In later
to read
them cold
to weigh
and measure
and behold.
To let some go,
bring in some new
and turn
them round
and up
and down
again. And
yet again.

to need
until they come
click to fit
each other.

Then meaning
through layers bound,
in sense and sound
to wrap me round
and tell me what
I never knew
I know.


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