Sunday Inspirational Poetry: Oran Mór (The Great Song)

On my patreon page, I offer new poems exclusively to my patrons for three months. This three—month exclusivity period is now over for this poem, first published back in October 2018. It's called Oran Mór: The Great Song.

The poem is a reworking of an ancient Irish creation myth.

I hope you enjoy it.


Sunday Inspirational Poetry: Oran Mór: The Great Song

Long before the coming
of the gods, or the giants,
before man or woman
stalked or walked,
before the ocean had
a wave in it, even,

in the time that came
before time,
it was the sea bed
that had the giving
of all,

out of the unending
silence of its open

Up from there somehow
(no-one ever knew how
and don’t bother yourself
no-ever will) up from
there, out of all
that was still, came
the first strain
of the first note
that first shifted
the waters.
The first sounding
of the music
that would go on
to known as
Oran Mór. The great song.

Only a whisper
when it began,
but louder it grew
and then surer
circling into a
spiral, out and up,
gathering sound,
the music of
Oran Mór. The great song.

When it came to the shore
the great silence
took its voice to the waves.
Out of the sea-foam,
a sea-horse was born—
a mare, by the name
of Eiocha—delivered straight
from Oran Mór. The great song.

The song did not cease
with that initial creation.
Many more came after
sung out of the sound
that was singing itself
through the waters
into the land, one
thing begetting
another until,
from a great oak tree,
Eiocha sprouted a plant.
And that was the tree
that first birthed
and what it birthed
was the first god
out of
Oran Mór. The great song.

When one day Eiocha
hurled a branch
into the water,
giants too were born
from the bark of that tree,
and with the gods mated
and begot through
Oran Mór, the great song,
more gods and
more giants, who
learned how to hoe
from the wood, how
to hew from the water
how to be sung through
Oran Mór. The great song,

In delight, it sang on.
Sings on still in the stillness
harmonizing all,
woman and man,
animal and plant
mineral and air
earth, sap and fire
the moreness of more.

Oran Mór. The great song.

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