Sunday Inspirations. New Poem on Patreon: The Long-Memoried Sea

I run a Patreon page for my poetry, for poetry lovers and for those who want to support poetry in the world. This month's new poem on Patreon is The Long Memoried Sea.

Te dah! You can read it over here.

Poetry On Patreon The Sea The Sea

My Patreon page is also a way for those who have benefited from my pro-bono work to express appreciation: by helping to bring more poetry into the world.

Your support there is much appreciated. Knowing I have patrons who care about poetry keeps me connected when duties, doubts or distractions threaten to divert me off in other directions.

I know the world needs more poetry and I thank you for helping me to make it happen.

My Patreon page is also for other poets. I do a monthly Q&A where I answer questions about new ways to earn a living as a poet in the digital age.

Whether you just love to read or you also write poetry, you can find out more here.


This month's new poem on Patreon is The Long Memoried Sea

Come in now, won’t you?
Come in for a swim. 
Come on in.
Today I’m soft turnings  
kissing the land all along
the shoulder and arm
the full length of the sand
I know that’s how you like it…

Click below to read, or hear me read, this rest of this poem.

Poetry On Patreon The Sea Oh Yes The Sea

If you're a poet too, there's a special tier on my patreon page for you, which now includes a monthly podcast: Making A Living From Poetry in the Digital Age.

Orna Ross


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