Love Hurts? No Way

Love hurts, they say.
I say, no way.
The only thing that never hurts
is love.

Lust festers,
envy bites.
Loss skewers,
rejection spikes.

Passion burns,
craving seethes.
Romance dazzles,
lonesome bleeds.

Well yes,
But none of the above
is love.

Love helps,
love lights.
Love warms,
love rights.

Love soothes,
love feeds.
Love calms,
love heals.

Oh yes,
what will heal
the sting of pain,
and make your life
feel good again,
and yet again),
is love.

Love hurts, they say.
I say no way.
The only thing that never hurts
is love.

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Orna Ross


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