Sunday Inspirational Poetry: The Long Memoried Sea

On my Patreon Page, I offer new poems exclusively to my patrons for three months. This three—month exclusivity period is now over for this poem, first published back on Dec 1 2018. So here it is as this week's inspirational poetry:  The Long Memoried Sea.

The poem gives voice to the ocean. As somebody who so dearly loves the sea, I was surprised by the voice that emerged.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Inspirational Poetry: The Long Memoried Sea

Come in now, won’t you?

Come in for a swim.

Come on in.


Today I’m soft turnings

kissing the land all along

its shoulder and arm

the full length of the sand


I know: that’s how you like it. Aaah…


Forget the mad moods of midnight

the surfeit of watered-up wind

smashing your vessels

the crashing into the chest

the choking of lungs

that was a different time

so it was.


So it was.


Before there was air, I was here.

Off you went on your legs

telling your stories.

You never knew how to tell this.

Words, how are ya.


How are you?

I’m here, still,

so I am.

So I am.


All stillness

in my better part

in the back beyond

in the black beneath

fathoms afar

under the fallen

birthing the creatures of color

allowing the unheeding light.


Come in now.

Come on in.

Come in and swim.

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Orna Ross


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