Sunday Inspirational Poetry: The Next Birth: A Love Poem

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Inspirational poem The Next Birth

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Inspirational poem The Next Birth

Our first birth comes with mother’s touch

or midwife’s slap. Skin shivering

into air, lungs gulp to breath and we waken

to feed and need through years

of toys and trials until, just when

we fear we might fall clear away,

along comes love again

to lift us from the common thrum

to place us where we know we all belong.


When bodies bare, we two in one combined,

and my breath became yours as much as mine,

then no day was a day of grift or thrift.

No, all that came before us came as gift.


When I knew you loved me, as I loved you,

our whole lives then began again, anew.


And so renewed we found more toys

and trials, more years of need and feed.

The heart we’d carried when inside

beat still. And when in cold despair

we cried, or felt like we could almost die,

along came love again

to lift us from the common thrum

and place us where we know we all belong.


When spirits bare, here all in one combine,

(in ways the sages know to be divine)

and our breath becomes theirs as yours is mine,

here no day is a day of thrift or grift,

(and bridges grow across the widest rift).

Yes, all that comes before us comes as gift.


When we know life loves us and we love too,

then all our lives begin again, anew.

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Orna Ross


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