Friday Fiction: Gonne-Yeats Novel Series Running Order

I've mapped out and finalized the Gonne-Yeats series running order.

This involved a lot more plotting than I usually do, as I had to account for real life dates and doings alongside the fiction.

It's been quite the job but below, at last, is the running order. The series runs for seven books.

  1. A Life Before: 1886 – 1887
  2. The Holy Tree: 1889 – 1893
  3. Her Secret Rose: 1896 – 1898
  4. Memories of You: 1903 – 1909 
  5. Dancing in the Wind1916 – 1918 
  6. But A Dream – 1918 – 1921 
  7. A Different Tongue – 1922 – 1923

I may also do an epilogue, which takes in WWII (Castle of the Heroes – 1939 – 1955) … but let's see if I live that long!

Book 2: The Holy Tree

Right now, I'm working on The Holy Tree, which is Book 2 (pictured left) and then I am going to release that book simultaneously with the first book, A Life Before, and the new, updated version of Her Secret Rose–which is now going to be Book 3 in the new order of things.
That will take us the end of the 19th century and the incident that changed the relationship between Maud Gonne and Willie Yeats, forever.

Gonne Yeats Series: Books 4 to 7

After that, in Books 4 to 7, Maud's daughter Iseult Gonne features strongly, alongside real-life characters like the soldier John MacBride, the writers Francis Stuart and Ezra Pound.
And of course the fictional folk, most notably the narrator of the entire story from beginning to end, the ancient and irreverent Rosy Cross.

The publishing process begins in September. Stay tuned!

Please let me know as soon as this book is released

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