Friday Fiction: Gonne-Yeats Novel Series Running Order

I've mapped out and finalized the Gonne-Yeats series running order. It's going to be a seven-book series, with each book focussing on a different aspect of love.

This involved a lot more plotting than I usually do, as I had to account for real life dates and doings alongside the fiction and I had to know what happened in Book Seven before I could go back and do a final draft of Book One.

It's been quite the job.

Here, at last, is the running order.

1. A Life Before: 1885 – 1889. Romance.
2. The Holy Tree: 1889 – 1894. Worship.
3. Her Secret Rose: 1896 – 1898. Craving.
4. Dancing in the Wind: 1903 – 1909. Esteem.
5. Memories of You – 1916 – 1919. Lust.
6. But A Dream – 1921 – 1923. Compassion
7. A Different Tongue – 1925 – 1926. Inspiration.

I may also do an epilogue, which takes in WWII (Loosely called in my mind: Castle of the Heroes and covering the years 1939 – 1955) … but let's see if I live that long!

Maybe that one is just a short story.

Book 2: The Holy Tree

Right now, I'm working on The Holy Tree, which is Book 2 (pictured left).
This one, together with the first book, A Life Before, now pre-date the events of new version of Her Secret Rose–which, in the new order of things,  turns into Book 3.
These three together take us to the end of the 19th century, and the incident that changed the relationship between Maud Gonne and Willie Yeats, forever.

Gonne Yeats Series: Books 4 to 7

After that, in Books 4 to 7, Maud's daughter Iseult Gonne features strongly, alongside real-life characters like the soldier John MacBride, the writers Francis Stuart, and Ezra Pound.
And of course the fictional folk, most notably the narrator of the entire story from beginning to end, the ancient and irreverent Rosy Cross. And her cousin Lily,  also known as Honor Bright.

Gonne Yeats Series: Launch

My first plan was to release the first three books simultaneously but honestly it's been so long that I now want to celebrate just getting to this stage. So I'm planning a lovely launch and a kickstarter campaign for July 2024 to get the first book up and out.

If the other two are ready for then also, happy days.

We'll see.

To find out more about the launch and kickstarter campaign, go here

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