The Key to Creativity


I'm a bit sceptical about brain training and #creativity. Brain training works best in getting you used to jumping through particular mental hoops and improving your ability to do a specific brain task. exercise improves creative thinking

But creative thinking is different.

The brainwaves that distinguish creative leaps, great ideas and inspired thinking have been shown by neuroscience to be ‘whole brain' movements.

What is a proven boon for this kind of thinking is something much more mundane and everyday: exercise.

For more than a decade, neuroscientists and physiologists have been gathering increasing evidence of the beneficial relationship between exercise and brainpower.

And in the past months, using sophisticated technologies to examine the workings of individual neurons and the makeup of brain matter itself, scientists have discovered that exercise  builds a brain that resists physical shrinkage.

And that it also enhances what they call ‘cognitive flexibility' — the ability to think on your feet, to go with the flow, to surprise yourself with great ideas.

A cumulative mountain of research has now proven beyond doubt that the relationship between advanced brain power and exercise is, In the words of the New York Times, ‘not just a relationship; it is the relationship

Full story from The New York Times Here.