Love Historical Fiction? Join my Fiction Patrons

I'm so happy you're here and thinking about joining my fiction patrons on Patreon.

Patreon is a great membership platform that makes it easy for you to join my reader community and support my fiction, or poetry, or both). Yes, for a small investment each month, you can become a direct patron of the arts! Scroll down for more details.

I write Irish historical fiction that sells widely around the world and has won many awards. If you like deep characters, emotional twists and cross-generational mysteries full of buried secrets, I think you'll love being a fiction patron.

How It Works: You agree to make a small monthly payment to support my work. In return, you receive a welcome gift and a novella ebook from me each month.

You can also opt in for more (print books, audiobooks, poetry books and other benefits) at higher levels of support.

Full instructions are below. Sign up and I'll be waiting for you on the inside, with the patron perks of your choosing.

Fiction Patron


Choose this level if you’d like a new literary-historical novella each month. This is my entry-level membership for my fiction patrons, and it only costs $3.50 a month.

You’ll receive:

  • Welcome gift: a downloadable novella on sign-up
  • New ebook novella on the 1st Monday of every month
  • Optional listing on my website as a novella patron

All-Access Patron

You want more! My all-access membership is yours for just $10 a month ($108 annual plus sales tax) and includes my poetry books as well as my historical novels.

You’ll receive:

    • Monthly ebook novella AND poetry chapbook each month
    • My upcoming books, novels AND poetry books, in print format, signed by me, dedicated to you, and mailed to your home.
    • All my previous books, novels AND poetry books, in ebook format (or audio where available)
    • If you’re a poet yourself, priority attention on my Instagram #indiepoetryplease feature.
    • Listed on my website,, as an All-Access patron (optional)