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Kayleigh Brindley. Patrons: Kayleigh is your support assistant
Sarah Begley. Readers: For practical help with book purchases or account support, contact Sarah.

I love to receive emails from readers and patrons. I read every email but book deadlines mean that, sometimes, some time may elapse before I can write back.

My email inboxes and social media messages are monitored by Sarah (readers) and Kayleigh (patrons). If they cannot answer your question, or if your email is personal, they will forward it to me. Please note:

  • If you're requesting an interview/ media comment / appearance, Sarah or Kayleigh will ensure that you receive an immediate reply.
  • If you're emailing to ask for donations, free books, or manuscript readings/agent introductions, please see below.
  • We treat unsolicited emails or social media messages that solicit my interest in goods, software, or services, as spam. Do not expect a reply.

If you're a reader, thank you for understanding that I may not always be able to respond immediately. It can get busy around here sometimes and my first priority, always, is writing. Protecting core creative time sometimes means disappearing into the cave for a bit.

When I emerge from the cave, I'll be greatly gladdened by your email, so do please write! Of course, patrons have priority.

x Orna

    Contacting Orna Ross: Email FAQs

    Before sending your mail, please check my answers to frequently asked questions below. There may be a quicker, better way!

    You want a signed book

    For personalized, signed copies of my books, send Sarah an email detailing the book you want and whether you want paperback ($15+P&P) or hardback ($20+P&P).

    For better value, see my print book patronage option which gives access to all books in e-book editions, as well as signed copies of all forthcoming books.

    You'd like to license translation or other publishing rights

    For all rights enquiries, please contact Amy Collins at Talcott Notch

    You want to do an author interview

    Interview requests should be sent to

    You'd like me to speak or read at your event

    For readings, talks, performances, workshops, and conference keynotes (available through online as well as in person, pandemics permitting), please contact

    You're a reviewer who wants an Advance Review Copy (ARC)

    To receive an ARC copy of my next book, join my reviewer team. Write to to tell her which category of my books are of interest to you and she'll sign you up.

    You'd like a free book

    My non-fiction guides for authors are available free of charge in e-book edition to ALLi members. Regrettably, I cannot send free novels or poetry books to readers, but I strongly support local libraries and encourage you to request my books there, in the format of your choice–print, e-book or audiobook.

    You'd like a blurb, reviews and endorsement of your book

    I regret that as director of the Alliance of Independent Authors I cannot review or endorse any other authors’ books.

    You'd like to me to read / respond to your book, manuscript or query

    I'm sorry, my TBR list is already overflowing and I'm unable to read any unsolicited books, manuscripts, synopses, or queries. I also cannot recommend your books or manuscripts to my agent, or any other agent, publisher or publishing service.

    You'd like me to donate to your cause

    I already donate to my charities of choice. If you email requesting a donation, I will reply only if I am able to donate.