Celebrating My Patreon Patrons

Have you heard about Patreon, the membership platform that makes it easy for readers, followers, and fans to support the creators they love? If you enjoy my work, and would like to support me while being first to receive my books and get some cool patron-only exclusives, this is the way. I’m honored that so many of my patrons are outstanding creatives themselves and delighted to feature their work and websites here on my patron page. Check them out!

Poetry Patrons (alphabetical order)

Mala Naidoo

“I’m Mala Naidoo from Australia, an author, teacher and university student advisor. Not a lot of people know that it took over a decade of procrastination before I wrote my first novel. I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because of the value and inspiration she offers as a respected, trusted voice in the publishing world as mentor, advisor, accomplished poet and author.”

Rohan Quine

“I’m Rohan Quine from London, a novelist. Not a lot of people know that I share a home with an ever-curious, sociable, tidy and caramel-coloured young rabbit, who loves to scamper around the apartment and balcony, getting under my and my boyfriend’s feet (and who will soon have a bunny girlfriend to scamper with). I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I’ve always been a fan of the (divine) feminine – something that suffuses many of her works, and something that human society will be enriched by embracing much more than it’s done in recent centuries.”

Fiction Patrons (alphabetical order)

Josa Keyes

“Hi, I’m Josa Keyes, from London, a journalist, novelist and poet, and not a lot of people know that I see with only one of my eyes (which turns out to be plenty). I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I’m setting out on a poetry publication journey this year, and Orna’s Alliance of Independent Authors helped me so much with ideas for promotion when I started indie publishing with my novel, Sail Upon the Land in 2014.”

Bianca Klok

“I’m Bianca from the Netherlands. I am an intuitive writer, and not a lot of people know that I will publish my first poetry book called ‘Between Worlds’ in the Fall of 2021 under my pen name Be Budding.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I love her poetry and can very much relate to how the words come to her. I also love her supporting the poetry community. ”

Creative Publishing Patrons (alphabetical order)

Reita Pendry

Reita Pendry

“Hello, my name is Reita Pendry. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I am a retired criminal defense attorney and I write legal mysteries.

A fun fact that most people don’t know about me is that I wrote and published a ghost story novella, under a pseudonym.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I need an organized way to approach my writing as a business. I now have 5 novels in my Mercy Johnson series and I do next-to-nothing to promote them. I want to change that.”

Karen Pearce

“I’m Karen Pearce from Cornwall, England, and I’m currently editing my first novel in an Epic Fantasy series.

Not a lot of people know that I talk to spiders to overcome my fear of them. It works!

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because of her outstanding work with ALLi. I also share her demonstrated passion for artistic expression and freedom.”

Christine Hassing

“I’m Christine Hassing, from Bloomingdale, MI (USA) and I’m an author of biographies (and a memoir).

Not a lot of people know that I have loved physically hugging trees since I was a child.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because in that nothing is coincidence way of life, when I received the most recent invitation message, that inner whisper said “this”! As soon as entered Orna’s Patreon page, I knew my soul had found a sense of home! I look forward to learning from you and the patrons and being a part of this special community.”

Bonnie Lacy

“I’m Bonnie Lacy from Osceola, NE USA, an author.

Not a lot of people know that I like to doodle.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I love her poetry (I’m not a poet!) and because she is very sincere and gracious. She has done amazing things in founding Alliance.”

Anthony G. Hendricks

“I’m Anthony G. Hendricks from Oregon, Wisconsin a recently retired Environmental Engineer/Contractor.

Not a lot of people know that this mysterious energy source, the-power-that flows-through-all-things, put me on this lovely blue green planet we call earth to write poems, stories and books.

I’m Orna’s patron because just to write is not enough. I want to share my work with as many people as possible. Long before I understood who I am and what I’m about authors shared with me their stories, thoughts and poems. Sharing mine is a way to give back. That means I need to learn how to publish and market my work as well as write. Thanks Orna for putting this workshop together.”

John Be Lane

“I’m John Be Lane, an independent author, poet, and publisher who lives in Denver, USA.

Not a lot of people know that I wrote, published (and sold!) a newspaper when I was 10 years old.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I’m inspired by her notion of a ‘truly empowered author class, with a sense of its own significance’, but aware of gaps in my knowledge and skills when it comes to the business side of indie publishing. Orna sets an impressive benchmark; I look forward to all that I can learn from her!”

Valerie Miller

“I’m Valerie Miller from Brisbane, Australia, a teacher and not a lot of people know that I studied acting and directing in Sydney.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience on self publishing and I want to support her to help in making all this information accessible to all emerging writers like me.”

Cynthia Sally Haggard

“I’m  Cynthia Sally Haggard from Washington DC,the author of two historical novels, “Thwarted Queen” and “Farewell My Life.”
Not a lot of people know that I began to play the violin when I was 3 years old!

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I’m interested in taking her fab workshops on how to become a better & more efficient author-preneur.”

Dorah Blume

“I’m Deborah Bluestein (Dorah Blume) from Boston, a writer/illustrator.

Not a lot of people know that I had a love affair with a blue guitar.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I am so grateful for all she does for the writing community and most especially for the guided meditations and f-r-e-e-writes I have been doing with her since September of 2018.”

Matty Dalrymple

“I’m Matty Dalrymple from Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA, an indie author of the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels and Suspense Shorts and Lizzy Ballard Thrillers; publisher through my imprint, William Kingsfield Publishers; and host of The Indy Author Podcast.

Not a lot of people know that I appeared in several promotional videos on the TV shopping channel and online retailer, QVC.

I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because I love her philosophy about the indie creator life and hope to benefit from the insights of Orna and my fellow patrons.”