Final Covers for my Yeats-Gonne Series Books 1-3: Open Fiction Post

I spent some time this week with my cover designer, Jane Dixon-Smith, finalizing the new covers for my Yeats-Gonne series, Books 1 to 3.

So here they are: te dah! I hope you like them? (read on below)


The main change is the inclusion of magical symbols… something I'll continue as the series progresses.

There are seven books in all and magic has come to be a much bigger feature in each, as I've developed them.

I came to realize that I was resisting what Auden called WB's “silly” involvement in ceremonial magic. This sort of magic has never been my thing–I failed to finish Harry Potter, for example. But to understand Yeats, as man and poet, and to understand the relationship between him and Gonne women, mother and daughter,  you have to understand his system

Now I do!

Its symbols deserve a place on the covers.

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