Talking About “Her Secret Rose” at the Triskele Literary Festival

Her Secret Rose Book Covers Orna RossJust out: Footage of the Historical Fiction panel at The Triskele Literary Festival in London, back in September.

Together with Radhika Swarup, JD Smith and Alison Morton, I was interviewed about the joys of writing historical fiction.

Between us, we covered 3rd Century Syria (Jane) to late 19th Century Ireland (me), from the Partition of India (Radhika) to the Roman Empire re-imagined in the 1960s (Alison), all interviewed by literary novelist, Jane Davis.

I spoke about writing Her Secret Rose, a behind-the-myth look at the relationship between the poet WB Yeats and his muse, the Irish revolutionary, Maud Gonne.

This charismatic love affair that altered the course of history for two nations and it's a novel of secrets and intrigue, passion and politics, mystery and magic, that brings to life 1890s Dublin, London and Paris.

And of course those two fascinating characters.

You can hear more about my book, and the others by this great panel of authors, below.

And if you'd like to read the book, you can buy it here.

Or here in special edition (great gift book if you're looking for a very special gift for a book lover).

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