Invitation to A Shindig

Join us on tomorrow for the ONLINE LAUNCH of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Indie author, and curator of The League of Extraordinary Authors, Joni Rodgers will introduce fun, frolics, free book giveaways, and a competition for a lifelong membership of the Alliance.

The highlight of the event will be ASK AMAZON, with Thom Kephart, Amazon Community Outreach Manager (right), answering all your questions about self-publishing in partnership with the biggest retailer in the world.


Best Twitter Hashtags For Writers

There are 175 million registered users on Twitter producing about 95 million tweets every day.

One of the key ways Tweeters keep our communications useful is by using hashtags and very vibrant literary communities have grown up around specific hashtags.

So what are they — and how can you best use them?

Here's what Twitter has to say about

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