Crowdfunder Thanks

The Secret Rose Hall of Fame

I want to thank the wonderful people who supported my crowdfunder project  to make, publicise and distribute my special commemorative two-in-one book, in replica of WB Yeats 1897 first edition of The Secret Rose.

Friends and patrons, I am so grateful to you for your support and hope you will enjoy being involved in this special project for #Yeats2015.

I'll be writing to you all individually this week but in the meantime sending you the loudest possible shoutout of gratitude.

Your generosity meant that we exceeded the target and has enabled me to offer a free one-week scholarship to Yeats Summer School to somebody who would like, but can't afford, to attend. More on that, also, soon

And, over the coming weeks, a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make and launch a replica of an 1897 book in 2015.

But first …. (drumroll please!)….. my deep thanks to you, without whom it wouldn't have happened:

  • Rachel AbbottSecret Rose Special Edition Cover PUBLICITY_FRONT

  • Thomas Ball

  • Colette Bleaky

  • Rory Carroll

  • Ethel Chiodeli

  • Yvonne Clark

  • Frances Cooney

  • Mags Cullingford

  • Kathy Dillon

  • Maura Dolan

  • George Patrick DovelSecret Rose Special Edition Cover PUBLICITY_FRONT

  • Kathleen Duke

  • Lorna Fergusson

  • Tessa Floreano

  • Voula Greenfield

  • Deirdre Hassett

  • Karen Inglis

    Desmond Kelly

  • Annette Kealy

  • Helen Langford

  • CJ Lyons

  • Ornagh LynchSecret Rose Special Edition Cover PUBLICITY_FRONT

  • Philip Lynch

  • Ross Lynch

  • Catherine MacKerchar

  • Cathal McCarthy

  • Conor McCarthy

  • Eoin McCarthy

  • Justine McGrath

  • Jean Murray

  • Phil Mason

  • Phil MurphySecret Rose Special Edition Cover PUBLICITY_FRONT

  • Robert Moss

  • Jean Murray

  • Fidelma ONeill

  • Yen Ooi

  • CJ Lyons

  • Jean Murray

  • Danny OSullivan

  • Joanna Penn

  • Rohan Quine

  • Aya ReinaosSecret Rose Special Edition Cover PUBLICITY_FRONT

  • Joni Rodgers

  • Catrien Ross

  • Caitlin Savannah

  • Valerie Shanley

  • Anne Shine

  • Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn

    JJ Toner

  • Peter Urpeth

  • Debbie Young

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