Towards A Creative New Year, Final Instalment.

We're all trained to notice the gap. Between what we have and what we want, between where we are and where we hope we're going, between the person we are and who we'd like to be.

That's where the new year's resolutions slip in, even though we know they don't work. Through that gap. That hollow feeling of not doing, having or being enough.

How about this for an intention for 2012: to not mind the gap?

I'm not suggesting denial or pretending you have no wants. Just consciously shifting the focus a little.

Acknowledging that the gap is always there (as soon as you fill it with what you want now, you'll begin the process of wanting something new), and putting more attention on what's also there.

All the things and people and experiences you've already created. What you already do, who you already are. Much of which is pretty fine.

Supposing you started to put more attention on results and less on resolutions? What might happen?

A happy new year?

[series concluded]

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