Preorder Now: My Next Two Books Coming February 2016

I've been doing little less blogging at the moment than usual as I work on my crazy creative challenge for 2016, to put out eleven books, a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, in one year.

I didn't quite make the deadline of January for the first book  as it won't appear in January but it is now edited and en route to the formatter and all going to plan, it will release on 10th February.

But that's okay because the next one, my Yeats/Gonne novel, is a little ahead of schedule and will be out on February 14th, Valentines' Day. It's off to the proofreader tomorrow, Monday.

More details on how to preorder one or the other below.

Next up: Go Creative! It's Your Native State! 

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Her Secret Rose

“When looked at from the woman's side of the bedsheet, most tales take a turning, and this one more than most.”





Willie Yeats was 23 years old in 1889, when Maud Gonne, six feet tall, elegantly beautiful and passionately political, came calling to his house and “the troubling of his life” began.

He spread his dreams under her feet, as they set about creating a new Ireland, through his poetry and her politics, and their shared interest in the occult.

Yeats forged a poetic career from his unrequited love for Gonne, his unattainable muse. Delving deep into their letters and journals, and communications of the family and friends around them, uncovers a story that doesn’t quite fit the poetic myth.

Packed with emotional twists and surprises, Her Secret Rose is a novel of secrets and intrigue, passion and politics, mystery and magic, that brings to life 1890s Dublin, London and Paris — and a charismatic love affair that altered the course of history for two nations.

How To Rights-cover-3dHow Authors Sell Publishing Rights

A how-to book for authors who want to confidently, and competently, license and sell their publishing rights, especially audio, translation and TV and film rights.





A compilation of advice from publishing and legal experts, How Authors Sell Publishing Rights shows writers the best ways to reach decision-makers in various industries, what these rights-buyers are looking for, and what to expect in negotiating a license or sale of rights.

Covering both business and legal aspects, it demonstrates how the rights landscape is transforming and yielding unprecedented opportunities for authors.