This Month’s Exclusive Poem for Patrons: Full Flight

This Month's Exclusive Poem for Patrons: Full Flight

I was going to post a different poem for the exclusive this month but then this one arrived. Though I was thinking of a dear friend as I wrote, I think it's born out of lockdown too.

How are you coping with lockdown? I have to admit, my online life is keeping me going. I was part of a panel discussion for US National Poetry Month this week and will feature three wonderful indie poets I got to know there in the next podcast… along with some of the great submissions on my Patreon Page.

Till then, I hope you enjoy “Full Flight”

All my poetry is exclusive to my patrons for 90 days.

Full Flight

Let your lungs fill
and those featherless wings of blood and bone, your shoulder blades, spread.
Look up into the white winds of the sun.
Breathe in, my brave one.
Then throw yourself again
along the runway your feet created
as you ran away.

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Orna Ross


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