New Novel Writing Process for IN THE HOUR

I am sooooo keen to get back to fiction, even though I've a lot of nonfiction projects still to finish. So I've devised a way to get a little drop of storytelling into each day.

I'm going to go public on writing my next novel and start using my Facebook page as my fiction notebook.

I've always been a “pantser” but I'm moving into outlining my books more fully now, and going to hold myself accountable by doing it publicly, using my Facebook page as my writing notebook for IN THE HOUR.

The idea is that I'll post short posts on Facebook most days– some scenes and dialogue and exposition, which I'll then flesh out into chapters and outlines that I'll send to an email list.

The readers on this list will sign up to read and respond to the draft as it's being written, making suggestions, or voting on what should come next.

The plan is to send them a chapter every fortnight or so, that's as much as I'll manage to do for now. After Christmas, when the nonfiction is finished, the pace will pick up.

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If I can get some chapters and a reasonable outline drafted by Christmas, alongside with finishing the ALLi author guides, a film script I'm working on, and of course my regular poetry, I'll be a happy writer.

I hope you'll come along with me for the writing ride. Follow my Facebook Author page to read along… or watch me fail!

And sign up here to receive the read-along emails.