Poem of the Week: The Mystery: A Sonnet about Meditation

I mostly post my poetry first on Instagram, (unless it is a patron-exclusive poem). Then, each Sunday here on the blog, I post the poem that has got the most Insta likes.

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The poems are inspired by photographs, sometimes taken by me, sometimes by others.

My most popular poem on Instagram this week was “Meditation: A Sonnet”.

And now for this week’s poem:

The Mystery: A Sonnet about Meditation

Heart pines within a self-made cage of need,
in yearning lost, it never finds The One. 
Wish pulses with the craving to succeed,
and pushes past what is already won. 

Head squirms within the bindings of its thought
and tighter ties the knots it wants undone. 
Will pants to fight the fight that must be fought
but no win can outstrip the skeleton. 

Yet, just one breath can see all wants dissolve
If soul in body-mind becomes aware.
Then shall we see how skies from flesh evolve.
Then shall we know the mysteries of air.

When hankering surrenders its sham throne
love is revealed. And now can lead us home.

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