Irish Fiction Online Launch

Happy St Patricks Day! Living abroad as I do, I love this day when the whole world goes a little bit Irish.

So today's the day I've chosen for the Facebook launch of my twinned ebooks, After The Rising and Before the Fall that centre on a key moment in Irish history.

An event that has been written about all too little: The Irish civil war.

Called ‘The War of the Brothers', this short and bitter dispute drove a divide through Irish society that split male and but female friendships, families and even marriages.  Divisions that lasted for decades after the war that caused them had faded from memory.

It's a story that's relevant not just for Irish people but for anyone who's ever been involved in any kind of intimate conflict (which I think takes in, er, just about everyone).

The books tell the story of Jo Devereux, who leaves Ireland in 1978, in high dudgeon with her family, vowing never to return. Jo does come back in 1995, to unearth an astonishing family story of love and revenge and by revisiting the past, finds the key to an understanding why she was driven away — and how best to move forward.

After The Rising/Before The Fall

The question these books explore is: what happens after the moment of uprising — after the Irish rebellion, that broke Ireland's subordination to England; after Jo's revolt against her family, that made her breakaway to San Francisco.

So the books are about freedom and belonging and most of all about reconciliation — how we are often not very good at it, and at how we might maybe do it better.

Facebook Launch

We're having a Facebook get-together this afternoon between 2pm and 5pm (Irish time) to kickstart these books on Amazon. If you're around, drop by. We'll have free book giveaways and other fun and frolics.

Supporting The Books

If you can't make it, there are four things you can do to help give these books a kickstart on the Amazon machine.

  1. Give a review and/or star rating, if you've read them.
  2. Buy one or both if you haven't. (only £2.50/$3.99, so they won't break the bank!).
  3. Gift one (or both) if multigenerational-family-murder-mysteries are not your thing.
  4. If you don't want to do any of that, just visiting the Amazon page & tagging the book can help it to be picked up in searches. (scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the tags).

Anything you can do is GREATLY appreciated. Indie authors need friends and family to give their new books a start. So many thanks.

And do pop round to Facebook at if you get a chance today between 2pm and 5, Irish time (that's 10am to 1pm Eastern; 9am to 12 noon Central in the US).

I'd love to see you there.

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