Sunday Poem: Lines Written on a Seat

This week's inspirational poetry: Lines Written On A Seat, a poem composed while sitting beside the famous statue of the Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh, by the canal in Dublin.

I'm inspired by creativity in all corners of the world but especially in nature, most especially London parks, the woods and beaches of East Sussex and, of course, Ireland. You'll find lots of poetry here on the blog and you can support me to write more, including some exclusively for you, on patreon (see below).


Inspirational Poetry: Lines Written On A Seat

Under the bridge, romance
glinting, whispering
unseen and unheard
by the human eyes and ears
passing, carried along
on skulls brimful of worry
on their way to work.

A few, like me, are stopped,
arrested by water corralled
in stone and periodically

Nearby, famously, sits a statue
of a poet on a bench. I sit
beside it, as intended,
to see what drew the living man
here, day after day.

Drew him so often
that when he died
the city fathers and mothers
asked an artist to make
this modelof him sitting,
the heart of the channel
the channel of the heart
shaping sentences
out of the living stream.

Sentences that upended
the Irish way of words he had
been given, and shaped
in memory of a woman who,
whatever else she had, wasn’t
given her own name.
Mrs Dermot O Brien,

I think about you too
as I sit beside
the poet’s effigy.

What held you both
holds me here, now:
the look in the fantastic eye
of the bridge

the sight and sound
of water
unleashed by the locks,
the sight and sound
of silence
as it stills.


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Orna Ross


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