#IndiePoetryPlease Contest Winner: Angel Santos

Please join me in congratulating this week's #IndiePoetryPlease Contest Winner: Angel Santos (@instarflights65), and his winning entry – Anthropos 🏆


In the beginning
Earth was already there
darkness parted the deepest voids
water split as plenty of blues
still cuddling us up within its colloidal dreamful state.

Light shone, brightly
slashing out the dark, calling it night
while mountains were kissed by the sea
and fruit was born from the ground’s womb
a beginning without witnesses.

In the beginning,
you were nanometers smaller than a dew drop hanging between heaven and earth
didn’t know what you were.
Just being, living,
your insides spun with perfection
owning all this
even in your sleep.

You landed softly as a bubble
with the gift of breath
moving within the minus infinite
mother and father of all that crawls.

In the beginning,
you opened your eyes and found a world grabbed the sand sister of your cells
stood on your feet
searched for the Sun
dived into water
rose and felt the dirt
eternally contemplated the horizon
breathed in
and realized, as you looked above.
In the beginning, everything said:
let there be Love.

See the full poem and more from Angel on his page: @instarflights65

Congratulations, Angel, your prizes (below) are on their way!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. ❤ We’ll have another contest here on the blog for you shortly!


  • The winner will receive a guidebook from the Alliance of Independent Authors: *Creative Self-Publishing*, a comprehensive guide to book publishing for authors and poets.
  • We will feature the winning poem to my 25k+ Instagram followers and on my blog and poetry newsletter.
  • You'll also receive a small gift poetry book from me.

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