Sponsoring the Green Stories Writing Competitions

Do you write about environmental, eco, planetary themes… or follow a writer who does? Heads up about the Orna Ross Green Stories Novel Prize.

I'm delighted to sponsor this prize, organized by Denise Baden at Southampton University, with a mission to create a body of cultural work that showcases stories of green solutions. And to present positive visions of what a sustainable society might look like.

Such visions are now urgently needed, to balance endless tales of climate catastrophe, to reach beyond the eco-community, and to influence new hearts and minds as only the transformative power of fiction can.

To help encourage more indie authors to take part and to self-publish their work, I'll be sponsoring a prize of £1000 for the winning entry and £500 for runner-up, plus a package of mentoring help to get the winning entries self-published.

We hope the Prize will encourage novelists and aspiring novelists to address their storytelling talents to new planetary possibilities.

Green Stories will also help to market winning books through the Green Stories platform by requiring entrants to prove they have read at least one of the books that have emerged from previous years.

Click here to find out more about the writing competition and how to enter.