Creative Giving

Giving is at the heart of the creative approach. You give something of yourself – sometimes for payment, often not. Sometimes knowing exactly why, often not.

This blog post is my once-a-year callout, where you get the opportunity to intentionally give — by supporting a vulnerable person who, because of famine or war or genocide or some other trauma, is struggling.

This is where I ask if you have enjoyed or received any other benefit from the Go Creative! blog this year, whether you might make a donation to the International Refugee Trust (IRT).

If you do, you'll be helping to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.  The IRT, founded in 1989, focusses its work on those who are usually forgotten in crisis and conflict. It runs small projects in Sudan, Uganda, Eritrea, Jordan, Thailand and Colombia, many of them centring on women and children.

What I most like about this charity is that as well as providing emergency care, like food and medical help, it really focusses on giving people what they need to remake their lives and create good things for themselves and their families going forward.

JustGiving is an online payment system that keeps your transaction safe and protects your details. It's easy to donate with a credit or debit card – just click the link below or the badge to the right hand side to go to this JustGiving page:

The donation goes straight to the charity (no fees deducted).

The smallest amount makes a very BIG difference — and a regular amount the biggest difference of all.

Please support their work by popping over to the page right now. It takes minutes to do — and if you leave it till later, you know you'll only forget.

Thank You.