Creative Flow Goes To and Fro: Thoughts For The Season of Giving

Creative giving
Happy Holidays and thank you for being here

People are very fond of giving away what they need most themselves.” Oscar Wilde.

Receiving and giving are opposite directions of energy flow, inextricably linked together.  Like breathing in and out, both are needed to keep flow freely moving .

People think giving is better than receiving, but neither is “better” or “worse”: they are essential to each other.

Giving is the power position.  Compulsive givers don't understand that they are subconsciously controlling their relationships, not allowing others in.

Good giving flows from the fullness of true receiving: when we acknowledge our needs and desires; when we're comfortable with vulnerability and openness; when we feel a basic trust that life will provide, when our cup runneth over. 

From that fullness, we naturally share. We don't think about it; it happens through us.

We give, and then receive more.

What we give flows back to us. Give a smile (or a frown) and you'll get the same from others.  Give out love (or hate) and that's what you receive.  Give away money and up turns some more.

If you find this difficult to believe, it's likely you're blocking flow towards you.

So try it: give away some of what you most want. Ideally give to the point of discomfort, then sit back and observe what happens.

Watch the flux, the to and fro, as it moves through you this holiday season. Observe your intentions and motivations as you give, your response and internal feelings as you receive.

Wishing you, and yours, a season of abundant flow… in both directions.