I’m Back and Things Are Changing Around here

Thank you for your patience with me while I did my major revamp and site move–and worked out how to segment my communications for subscribers and patrons.

It's taken a while to figure out how to ensure you are getting the information you want from me — and nothing else. Almost there now!

Though it's been a lot of work, I'm delighted that my website will now serve my closest readers, rather than casual browsers. Here's how it will work around here, going forward.


The blog will occasionally carry open posts about upcoming events, appearances, and publications but it will mainly serve as a storehouse of links to my newsletters and extracts for subscribers (free) and patrons (paid).


Expect a short newsletter which will give you updates and links to extracts, depending on whether you're a poetry or fiction follower. I hope you'll like the changes to the newsletter and I'll be posting to you more often (monthly).

If you're not yet a subscriber, you can sign up on the home page, depending on whether you prefer fiction, poetry or both–you'll also receive a free e-book as a thank you.


If you were a poetry or fiction member on Patreon, I'll be writing shortly to let you know how to transfer your membership over.

In the new mix, patrons are my top priority. Indie authors need support to thrive and I'm very grateful to you. You will now be first to read my work, hot off the creative presses, in exclusive extracts, as well as receiving exclusive bonuses and benefits. You'll also receive discounts on my signed print editions, and other patron-only surprises.

I have set up three patron tiers, one for poetry, one for fiction, and one for all-access patrons.  More information here.

Patrons, you are now at the heart of it all because you are the ones who keep me writing. I can't tell you how much I treasure your investment and feedback. Thank you!

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