All Change

I am making some changes to the blog to ensure you are getting the information you want from me — and nothing else. 

If you are here because you want a regular creative boost, you will now get more focussed and relevant posts on my new Go Creative! blog.

If you're here because you want more information about self-publishing and The Alliance of Indie Authors, you should sign up instead to The Self Publishing Advice Blog.

But if you're here because you like the novels, the poems or the Go Creative! books, then hang around.

This is now going to be first and foremost, my author website. I'll be blogging still, but in a diary format now, mainly recording the unfolding of the books and the creative process that underwrites them.

The big difference is that the individual blog broadcasts will cease after this one. Instead, I'll be sending out a monthly (or so) newsletter from now on to those signed up here.

This newsletter will summarise information from the other two blogs and what's going on in the Alliance but is mostly for fans of the writing. Here is where I'll be giving out the special offers, signed books, free giveaways and advance and exclusive goodies to the most loyal readers.

If that's you, you don't have to do anything. Just sit tight and I'll be back to you soon with the first newsletter.

Whichever is the right home for us to connect on, I'd like to say a deep thank you for your interest.

Knowing you are there makes all the difference to the writing… and all the work.