A Rhyming Poem about Rhyming Poems

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Today is release day for this poem first written and posted three months ago. It's a poem about a particular poetry critic (hence the picture of critic Anton Ego, from the Disney movie Ratatouille.)

A Rhyming Poem about Rhyming Poems

I wrote me a poem, a self-searching poem,

that gave voice to a personal need,

and sent it off out for a digital roam

to those readers who know how to read

beyond the surface of internet bytes,

judgments and chattering sounds.

Those seekers of words that engender insights,

who haven’t cast soul out of bounds.

Those who know how to love like a poet.

A critic picked up the verse for review

for dissection by cognitive knife.

Found a flurry of flaws, not least--in his view--

a credulous, love-take on life.

But standpoint and word choice (bad as they were),

were not yet the worst of its crimes.

No. Displaying the hallmark of menial verse,

it had (shudder!) the insolence to... rhyme.

He chewed up the work, and spat it back out

with spittle-laced denouncements of style.

Hawked it back at my feet, with a triumphant shout.

An undigested glob, slathered in bile.

I put my arms round my dear little poem

prescribed a bath, a hot meal, and a sleep.

We huddled together, lamented the troll,

then turned back to our readers, with relief.

Those who know how to love like a poet.

For it takes a good reader to make a good poem

those who listen, and get what you do.

It's towards them I bow when I kindle my pen

But dear critic, this one's for you.

Come on, let yourself love like a poet.


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Orna Ross


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