Three Creative Practices for Body Mind and Spirit

The Go Creative method offers three forms of creative practice: .

Creative Practice: Body: Effortless Exercise

Creative Practice Body: Effortless Exercise
Launches January 2018

Effortless Exercise is moving the body in a way that connects with what it most wants to do in a particular moment. It takes many forms: mindful walking, tai chi, yoga, five rhythms dance, chi running, and many others.

It’s the sort of exercise that is:

Individual: You do it on your own, though maybe along with others, it’s not a team or a group sport.

Non-competitive: It’s not a game, there’s no winning or losing, no scores or foul play, no targets or personal best. And you can’t do it wrong.

Expressive: Your body acting out what it feels in the given moment.

Like all creative practices, it puts its focus on the inner experience, knowing that the outer will arise, effortlessly, from there.

So the aim here is not so much to get fit, to lose weight, to improve your body shape, though all of these will happen. The intention is to do it, with awareness and presence, for its own sake.

It's a lot more fun than the sort of pushing, self-punishing exercise regimesyou may have done before.

Creative Practice: Mind: F-r-e-e-writing 

Creative Practice: Mind. F-r-e-e-writing
launches January 2018

F-r-e-e-writing is writing fast, raw, exact and easy: f-r-e-e.

You throw out all the rules of grammar and spelling and just write as fast as you can on a given topic or on whatever is currently on your mind.

There are two kinds of f-r-e-e-writing.

Free f-r-e-e-writing is where you write about whatever comes into your head. Focussed f-r-e-e-writing is where you focus your writing on a prompt or topic that's coming up for you in your life.

Either way, f-r-e-e-writing differs from every day writing in that you disconnect your conscious mind and open yourself up to the words that are moving through you, laying themselves on the page.

This is what makes it a creative practice.

Creative Practice: Spirit: Inspiration Meditation  Creative Practice Spirit: Inspiration Meditation

Inspiration Meditation is a form of meditation designed to connect you to your innate creative capacity.

The word “inspiration” has two meanings: taking an in-breath; and receiving a creative brainwave. Both kinds of inspiration–the breath-waves of the body and brain-waves of the mind–come of themselves but can also be influenced by conscious action

What distinguishes inspiration meditation from other methods and schools of thought is its guiding intention: to connect with our innate creative capacity and encourage strong creative flow.

Use Inspiration Meditation when you want to be motivated, elevated or inspired. Come into creative presence and experience the power of your own creative potential.

How Creative Practice Works

Effortless exercise gives us physical strength, stamina and flexibility. F-r-e-e-writing gives us mental and emotional strength, stamina and flexibility. Inspiration Meditation gives us spiritual strength, stamina and flexibility. All three feed each other.

Each of these practices is a book in the Go Creative! series.

The books go into each practice in detail and explain its theory, history and tradition, bringing you ancient wisdoms about them, together with the latest research and up-to-minute tips and techniques.

They will launch in January 2018, though I'm having a pre-launch workshop for close readers and creatives, creativists and creative entrepreneurs who are serious about making more of what they truly want in life (and less of what they don't). Find out more here:

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