The Light of Love: Media Kit

The Light of Love: Book Details

Title: The Light of Love

Subtitle: Inspirational Poetry for Valentines and Other Lovers

  • Length: 2,800 words/78 pages
  • Genre: Irish Poetry – Theme: Love

The Light of Love: About

A book of love poetry, with diverse forms

  1. Intimate poetic voice that embraces a diverse audience, including older and LGBTQ+ readers.
  2. Poetry that expands our capacity for empathy through all kinds of love: for the self, for family, for friends, for places, for nature, for the other.
  3. Full of quotable quotes:
    1. “The only thing that never hurts is love.”
    2. “Let us waken to the wonder of our wonder world within.”
    3. “How would love know what to do with itself without the illumination of fight and fright?”
    4. “To carry a flame, you must burn.”

The Light of Love: Short Description: 

An illustrated poetry book for a person you love, even if that person is you.

The Light of Love is the third book in the Twelve Poems to Inspire Gift Book series, a gift-book range for festivals like Mother’s Day and Christmas, as well as milestones like loss and new beginnings. The Light of Love celebrates Valentine’s Day—and love in all its forms. These twelve poems delve into all aspects of love—euphoria, contentment and the moments that test us—while encouraging us to celebrate the full spectrum of life’s emotions through a lens of love. In accessible, conversational, language the poet draws from her own marriage, friendships and family life, to reflect on love not just as collaborative emotion but one we should also direct towards ourselves. Strikingly real, with powerful candor and passion, the book contains three  sections, Heartbreak and Heartease, and each poem is illustrated by pictures the poet co-created with the AI art app, Dream. A thoughtful gift for lovers on Valentine’s Day—or for a loved one any day of the year.

The Light of Love: Themes

  1. Gift book for Valentine's Day 
  2. The gift of self-love or care for a loved one, any time.
  3. Self-care for romantic types and creatives seeking inspiration.

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“Takes readers’ breath in the first stanza and keeps them captivated to the last line… the rhythm and cadence are truly beautiful.”—Literary Titan Awards

“Breathtakingly powerful phrases pepper the pages, little puffs of magic whose brilliance takes you by surprise.”—Author and Reviewer, Debbie Young

“Poetic lines that sing, dance and tell a story of hope and wonderment.”—Mala Naidoo, Goodreads Reviewer

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