NOVEL: After The Rising & Before The Fall – Two-in-One Special

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A love forbidden by family. A feud spanning generations.

A woman still yearning for freedom.

Twenty years after she was driven away from her family and the only man she ever truly loved, Jo Devereux has returned to the small Irish village where she grew up. And this time, she wants answers.

What happened to her family during the Irish Civil War? Did her great-uncle’s best friend really shoot him dead? And what did this “war of the brothers” mean for mothers, sisters and daughters?

Searching through papers bequeathed by her estranged mother, Jo uncovers astonishing truths about her grandmother and great-aunt – secrets of a cold-blooded murder with consequences that ricocheted down the generations into her own life.

Urged on by Rory O’Donovan, her lost love and the son of her family’s sworn enemies, Jo is tempted to reignite the fires of rebellion. Can she ever go back to the life she’d made for herself in San Francisco? Or will what she’s learning about her heritage incite her to cast off caution–and claim what should have been hers?

In this heart-breaking saga about a young woman, her doomed lover, and the war-torn history that threatens to destroy their future as well as their past, you’ll find almost 600 pages of romance, revenge and redemption by the bestselling and award-winning author Orna Ross.

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8 reviews for NOVEL: After The Rising & Before The Fall – Two-in-One Special

  1. Emma

    Excellent read

    Couldn’t put this great book down.
    Can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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  2. Maura Dolan

    An enthralling segue across timelines ......

    This book is an enthralling segue across timelines that depicts the complex life so many people often experience and yet is often hidden behind the veneer of normal life. The story is a tapestry of childhood memories, life experiences, set backs and secrets that make for compulsive reading. Ross an award winning writer, has penned a compelling saga where her characterisation of Jo Devereux leaves you feeling compassion, connection and understanding for her.

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  3. Northern Reader

    Two novels of Ireland in the twentieth century

    These are two big books, with real depth and understanding of people’s motives and situations. It tackles over those two books a woman’s situation as she returns to a place dominated by both her own memories and a complex family history in the context of a fractured community. These books are undoubtedly an achievement of the highest order, and they form the first two parts of the “Irish Trilogy”. The writing is incredibly detailed, moving its focus from the present in 1995, and 1925. It is mainly from Jo Devereux’s point of view, especially it is often directly through her eyes, and so we have memories from her childhood in 1966. It is thus a challenging read which moves backwards and forwards time. It is an immersive read in so many ways. The landscape of shifting sands, the bleak weather and the buildings in which people exist are all vividly described, as are the small details of life. There are letters which set out important messages, reveal truths long hidden, hint at secrets long held. The dialogue is also vivid, revealing much of the personalities involved, the time in which the action takes place and more. This is a book of fine writing, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review this mixture of historical and more contemporary stories.

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  4. Zoe

    A must read for historical fiction fans

    I was totally blown away with this book. Its a special two books in one edition which I enjoyed reading on an evening. Set over differnt continents and different generations and different timelines. This is one epic journey they found themselves on. Its a very moving story with sadness around the Irish Civil War. It moves from one life changing event to another.

    Brilliantly written and I found out after finishing the book that there is a third book so I am so pleased I can continue with the story. A must read for all historical fiction fans.

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  5. Kitty Fields


    especially liked how thorough ORNA ROSS ‘S detailed weaving of Catholic Ireland’s struggle with keeping loyal to their faith and chose to be politically loyal to England. Some in the same town chose to not be loyal and joined armies to invade their neighbors and vice versa. There is love between these warring factions that didn’t survive. There are generations of families living together with deep seated hatred to those on the other side. But being Irish, they had big, loving hearts and crossed over on occasion to help those being hurt. There are lots of secrets to pass down to grand children which were revealed in Modern times who try to make sense of it all. And there is love to be renewed decades later, across the sea. It was most interesting to read about how strong Irish women were during a time, 1920’s, when women were under appreciated. They joined the fight for Ireland’s freedom right along side of the soldiers. They lost family members but kept up the fight. I hope there is a sequel. A VERY COMPELLING READ.

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  6. Salford Girl

    Great to have the second book available to immediately follow ...

    Great to have the second book available to immediately follow on from the first . A great read with an interesting structure and well developed characters. See the other great reviews for the two books individually.

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  7. Charlene Mabey

    Excellent reading-I couldn’t put it down!

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  8. Kristen Chamberlain

    Very well written and a good story.

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