Happy June 2024!

Welcome to June, the middle month of the year. Solstice month, the summer solstice for us in England (June 21st). Father's Day month (June 16th). Juneteenth month (19 June).  And a month in which history will be commemorating the D-Day landings which happened on June 6 June 1944, when 1.5 million Allied troops stormed Normandy to liberate Western Europe from Nazi occupation.

That picture above is of me in my new writing space, which I completely love, leaning on some of research books I was tidying away.

This month, the statue campaign for Maud Gonne kicks off. Celebrating this remarkable woman, whose legacy deserves to be immortalized, has become ever more important to me and we'll have our first “uncommittee” meeting on June 12th.

Join us even if you don't know anything much about her. She is worthy of your time, I promise you, and there's an amazing group getting together and much fun will be had along the way.

I'm also gearing up for the associated Kickstarter campaign which will launch next month. You can sign up here for alerts, if you haven't already.

Writing wise, I have some new poems in the cooker, as always, and from a publishing perspective, the focus is on getting  the sample of A Life Before ready for print. This whole project has been such an epic labor of love. I'm in a lather of excitement now that it's finally about to see light of day.

What are you creating this month? Hit reply and tell me how things are in your world.

Wishing you a productive and joyous June!

x Orna


The weather here is mixed at the moment, sunny but cool days mixed with lots of showers and the greenery is incredibly lush. Below are some “pathway pics” from yesterday's walk. I'm always taking pictures like this. There's something about a pathway curving off into the green that gets me into flow. More pics on Instagram, message me there if you're an Instagrammer.